Kodrek Appliances Co.,LTD, as a sanitary product enterprise specialized in development and manufacture for many years, based on the concept of technological innovation and people-oriented, taking product quality as basic business survival, looking upon service as enterprise soul, has achieved a good reputation in the industry. Clients can be found in China, North America, South America, Middle East, Korea and some other countries and regions.


Our main products cover:
1. Variety of types of automatic aerosol dispenser integrated with different functions, LED indicator, light sensor, LCD display, remote control, motion sensor.
2. Soap (foam) dispenser. We supply soap (foam) dispenser both manual and automatic models.
3. Hand dryer with intelligent functions.
    Today's era is the era of personalities. The same demand on products. Create your own personalized product brand is an important strategy to stand out among the intense competition. In order to meet the market for product diversification and personalized needs, we offer customers a range of product customization services based on our many years’ experience, including program development, control circuit design, control module customization, as well as OEM products, etc.. Since the service launched, we have successfully developed many excellent product solutions for a number of important customers in Europe and America .

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