New variety of auto fragrance dispenser for water-based liquid comes into the market

water-based aerosol dispenser

    The automatic fragrant machine of water-character is an new generation  machine, which uses the light sense principle in different environment , and can be flexibly set to different fragrant time-gap according to spatial size and need. Wall-mounted design may facilitate installment in any need air purification bottle of  perfumes going with the machine may spray 4000 times (approximately 2 months). It is really excellent in quality and reasonable in price, and suits in modern home life,  office, and other public place as ideal pure natural air fresh thing.


     Comparing with former automatic aerosol machine, This new one reduces the cost in using process enormously, which doesn't use  special-purpose  can with compressed gas inside any longer and the ejecta is unnecessary to have been atomized, instead of common water-based liquid and being capable of refilling can. On the one hand, it saves the cost of  can and making compressed gas. On the other hand, it completely avoids the residual material to pollute the environment.

    Comparing with traditional automatic aerosol machine, the new one has following characteristics:

        1.Ejecta comparison

    Aerosol-- The aerosol gas usually adds the essence and other reagents (for example: The stabilizer agent, fogging agent ),and the odor is pungent with poor environment protection. It is explosive at touching fire or even the room temperature rise over 49 degrees. The danger coefficient is high. 

    Water-based liquid-- No residual material pollution. No flammable,explosive danger.

        2. It can be equiped with ordianary  plastic can for liquid or iron can for compressed gas(aerosol) .

        3.Ejecta is not limited in compressed gas, but wide for fragrance,chemical  antiseptic agent, even available for water.

        4.Stably working with treble dose inside comparison to traditional compressed gas.

        5.convenient wall-mounted design and works over 2 monthes with double AA batteries


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