Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

Automatic aerosol dispenser 011

Automatic aerosol dispenser 011
  • Product Item:SPD-011
  • Description:Automatic aerosol dispenser
  • Color:White

Product Detail:

Microcomputer (CPU) control; LCD clock and the use of settings; may be based on the actual situation, arbitrarily set the delicious time (0 ~ 24 hours), fragrant interval (1 minute to 99 minutes), fragrant cycle (Mon ~ Sun), fragrant times (1 ~ 3 times).


Material: ABS

Max Cap: 300 ml
Power: 2 x 1.5V
spray interval: 1 -99 minutes free selected
working mode: No time limit
Package Description:
Size: 8.8*8.3*22.8cm
Weight: NW:310g GW:355g
Packing: 1 pc /box, 50PCS/CTN
Carton size: 43.5*46*48cm



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