Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic soap dispenser 001

Automatic soap dispenser 001
  • Product Item:SSD-001
  • Description:1)Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other public areas. 2)Suitable for dispensing liquid soap, shampoo etc. 3)Soap saving, sanitary and convenient.
  • Color:White-Silver

Product Detail:

This soap dispenser allows touchless dispensing of soap. Just move your hand under the sprout and it will automatically dispense preset amount of soap onto your hand. This technology not only provides convenience, more importantly it maintains good hygiene for you and your family. Never again have to touch a dispenser with dirty hands. With this unit you can effectively prevent bacteria accumulation on soap dispenser and no more transfer of bacteria to others.


Technology advantage compared with other models:

(1) Works with Various Liquid Concentrations This soap dispenser uses the advance squirm pump technology unlike the common piston pump mechanism. The advantage of squirm pump technology is its ability to dispense liquid of various concentrations. It is ideal for soap, lotion, and cream type liquid. Furthermore, liquid dispensing quantity is adjustable to meet individual preference.

(2) Reliable and Low Noise Operation Unlike piston mechanism, this unit does not has noisy internal mechanical movement and thus prevent possible wear or erosion that can cause leakage. With the squirm pump technology this soap dispenser not only operates reliably it also operates quietly. 

(3) Intelligent Non-Drip Design Using the combination of infrared and heat sensor technology this unit promises non-drip dispensing. This unit overcomes the common mistake of typical soap dispensers by able to intelligently sense the presence of human hand. Just move your hand under the sprout. No waving is needed.

(4) LED indicator and chime notice.

(5) Battery Quantity and Size This soap dispenser is cordless and only requires 4 (four) standard AAA size batteries


Material: ABS 

Max Cap: 400 ml

Capacity/drop(Time): 1ml

Power: 4*AAA alkaline batteries or DC 6V

Package Description:
Size: 13.5*8.3*19.0 cm
Weight: NW:440g GW: 500g
Packing: 1 pc /box, 30PCS/CTN
Carton size: 47.5*44.8*45.4cm



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