Manual Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser 004

soap dispenser 004
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  • Product Item:SSD-004
  • Description:Manual soap dispenser
  • Color:White

Product Detail:

1. Appearance of simple generosity, smooth lines,take the people in the vague feelings of intrinsic care. Structure is simple, rugged,  400ML capacity of design, particularly suitable for economy chain hotels, business hotels, guesthouses. . . . . .

2. Ergonomic button design, easy to install and dismantle the "stupid machine" type of installation and maintenance mode, providing users more convenient and  intimate.!

3. Using Teflon as the valve structure of high-quality imported materials, to solve the same industry and make silicone material does not wear the Achilles heel of a short life, service life can reach more than five years!


Material: ABS

Max Cap: 260 ml
Capacity/drop(Time): 1 ml
Package Description:
Size: 7.0*6.3*15.7 cm
Weight: NW:115g GW: 175g
Packing: 1 pc /box, 120PCS/CTN
Carton size: 71*48*36cm



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