Hand Dryer

Hand dryer 004

Hand dryer 004
  • Product Item:SHD-004
  • Description:Hand dryer
  • Color:White

Product Detail:



1, infrared sensors, micro-computer (CPU) controlling, wind blowing automatically, anti-interference ability.
2, shape beautiful and smooth lines. Surface shell, base, nozzles and other imported materials using environmentally-friendly.
3, dual-temperature automatic protection device, safe and durable; wind strong: wind speed 30 meters per second, 260 cubic meters per hour air flow, speed 5600 r / min, about 10 seconds, dry hands can achieve results without action 30 after boot seconds automatically shut down.
4, suitable for hotels, swimming pool, office buildings and other public places.
5, wind speed: 30 m / s
6, air volume: 260 cubic meters / hour
7, speed: 5600 r / min




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